Red’s Goals

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 What are my Goals as Councilmember?

  1. Complete construction of a water reclamation facility that meets our needs at least cost to the City’s taxpayers.
  2. Work to develop a sustainable water supply through re-use of our WRF output, desalination, conservation, gray water use, and capturing rain and storm water.
  3. Complete updating the General Plan/Local Coastal Program with an updated Zoning Ordinance.
  4. Create a business-friendly climate that supports our merchants.
  5. Find sustainable funding to bring our streets up to code.
  6. Pursue building a haul-out boatyard on the Embarcadero and create a Working Waterfront.
  7. Ensure that we provide fair and equitable protection to our fishing community through proper interpretation of Measure D.
  8. Provide clean public restrooms and weekend trash pickup in tourist downtown and on the waterfront.
  9. Explore a property/business owner improvement district that will enhance the appearance of downtown businesses and improve the value of commercial property throughout the city.
  10. Adjourn City Council meetings no later than 11pm.
  11. Bring high speed broadband internet capability to every home and business.
  12. Put utility lines underground.
  13. Have the Chamber of Commerce work with Cuesta College to train people for jobs in Morro Bay.
  14. Look for additional downtown parking opportunities.
  15. Provide a safe route to school on San Jacinto that allows bicyclists and pedestrians to navigate safely and legally across Main Street and Highway 1.
  16. Develop a comprehensive network of medical resources in Morro Bay.
  17. Promote Morro Bay as a pedestrian-friendly tobacco-free community
  18. Develop a process for reviewing parklet applications that includes buy-in from all affected businesses and stakeholders.
  19. Look at the Tri-W property as open-space/recreational development.
  20. Provide a second access to the Harbor Tract residents.
  21. Bring the National Marine Sanctuary to a public discussion.

If you agree with me, I would be grateful for your vote on November 8th!