Red's Goals

What are my Goals as Councilmember?

Being chosen by the people to make decisions that affect their lives every day is a solemn responsibility that I take very seriously.

I am proud of the progress our city has made during the past four years.

  • The Water Reclamation Facility has moved forward from a concept on paper to a project under construction.
  • I helped write an ordinance for short term vacation rentals that balances community needs.
  • I helped write an ordinance to keep tobacco and vaping products out of the hands of our young people.
  • All City funds have rainy day reserves.
  • Every budget is balanced, even considering extraordinary COVID-19 impacts this year.
  • I personally provide direct transparent communication to residents with a monthly newsletter.

This election is about the future, where you think your city ought to be headed — 

Do you believe that we are on the right track?

Shall we continue to move forward?

This is your opportunity to choose.


This is the future that I will pursue:

  • Complete water recycling so we become water-independent and drought-proof.
  • Continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce to develop a balanced economy.
  • Continue to develop open space and recreational opportunities such as the Chevron property, Morro Bay Power Plant and the existing Water Treatment Plant site on Atascadero Road
  • Create additional affordable housing opportunities.
  • Support our fishermen and develop offshore wind energy.
  • Protect our Harbor by developing new revenue to replace aging infrastructure.
  • Develop new revenue so that we can:
    • Maintain local control of police and fire resources;
    • Repave our streets to acceptable standards;
    • Maintain clean public restrooms and weekend trash pickup.
  • Plan for future income-producing recreational development of city-owned property at the existing WWTP site on Atascadero Road.
  • Ensure that development of the Morro Bay Power Plant meets community needs and provides additional revenue for the City.
  • Develop a broader economic base that can help protect us from major catastrophic events.
  • Help our existing businesses to grow.
  • Relocate our Visitor Center to a prime location with parking.
  • Build a history museum.
  • Continue to complete projects on the Unmet Bike/Pedestrian Needs list.
  • Extend the Harborwalk north from Morro Creek to the Cloisters on the west side of the high school.
  • Find sustainable funding to bring our streets up to PCI 70.
  • Complete our update of the General Plan/Local Coastal Program with an updated Zoning Ordinance.
  • Ensure that our public restrooms are kept clean and provide weekend trash pickup both downtown and on the waterfront.
  • Ensure that we provide fair and equitable protection to our fishing community through proper interpretation of Measure D.
  • I’d like to do for the harbor what we did for One Water – an assessment and inventory of needs and a 30-year Sustainability Plan for financing improvements.
  • Look for funding sources to remodel or build a new police station.
  • Improve event coordination and communication.
  • Facilitate construction of the new Morro Bay Aquarium.
  • Explore a property/business owner improvement district that will enhance the appearance of downtown businesses and improve the value of commercial property throughout the city.
  • Pursue building a haul-out boatyard on the Embarcadero and create a Working Waterfront.
  • Develop a fast-track business-permitting process.
  • Develop a simple and equitable sign ordinance.
  • Create a business-friendly climate that supports our merchants.
  • Develop a process for reviewing parklet applications that includes buy-in from all affected businesses and stakeholders.
  • Continue to work closely with Morro Bay High School in strategic planning and communication.


  • Red has been a true voice of the community in many ways during his first 4 years on Council. I'm thankful for his leadership, and look forward to another term of solid judgements and future vision.

    Travis Ford

  • Red and I have served on a number of City Council sub-committees together.  I continue to be impressed with how Red approaches policy decisions.  He is thoughtful, reasoned, balanced, and relies on facts and research.  He seeks the best solution that will benefit the majority of our citizens.  I strongly support Red for a second term on the Council.

    Marlys McPherson, Morro Bay Councilmember

  • During my tenure as Morro Bay's interim City Manager, Councilmember Davis proved to be an effective hard working leader. He deserves be reelected to the Council as we will all benefit from the knowledge and experience in addressing critical COVID related economic issues. He will fight to maintain essential public safety services and our quality of life in beautiful Morro Bay.

    Martin Lomeli

  • Red Davis is the clear best choice for Morro Bay City council, he has a vision to improve the lives of residents and maintain the character of Morro Bay. During these challenging times we need experienced and level headed decisions to ensure our small businesses, jobs and local economy can recover and remain strong. I'm worried that other choices will have us going backwards and lead to a poor economy and poorer quality of life for residents. Let's make the smart decision and re-elect Red to city council. Thanks Red for your service.

    Robert Elzer

  • Keep Morro Bay ahead with Red

    Larry Burke & Susan Heinemann

If you agree with me, I would be grateful for your vote on November 3rd!

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