If you agree with me, I would be grateful for your vote on November 3rd!


  • Reds values and hard work ethic make a perfect combination for city council. It takes enthusiasm and diligence to represent all the citizens and I believe Red’s honest approach is worthy of the vote to re-elect him to Morro Bay City Council. Go Red!

    Dawn Ortiz- Legg

  • During my tenure as Morro Bay's interim City Manager, Councilmember Davis proved to be an effective hard working leader. He deserves be reelected to the Council as we will all benefit from the knowledge and experience in addressing critical COVID related economic issues. He will fight to maintain essential public safety services and our quality of life in beautiful Morro Bay.

    Martin Lomeli

  • After serving with Red since 2018 I know for sure he deserves your vote. Red is committed to Morro Bay and listens closely to what our residents want and need. He's a collaborator and has is eye towards the future. Red is just what Morro Bay needs.

    Dawn Addis, Morro Bay Mayor Pro Tem

  • Red Davis is the clear best choice for Morro Bay City council, he has a vision to improve the lives of residents and maintain the character of Morro Bay. During these challenging times we need experienced and level headed decisions to ensure our small businesses, jobs and local economy can recover and remain strong. I'm worried that other choices will have us going backwards and lead to a poor economy and poorer quality of life for residents. Let's make the smart decision and re-elect Red to city council. Thanks Red for your service.

    Robert Elzer

  • It has been my distinct pleasure working alongside Red during these past 4 years on the City council. He is always thoughtful, well prepared, and effective in supporting policy issues important to advancing Morro Bay’s future success as a viable city.

    Mayor John Headding

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