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  • Red Davis thoroughly researches Council agenda items and is always prepared for Council meetings. Red has the knack for keeping track of a lot of moving parts in project development, such as the new WRF currently in construction. Red seeks out, and values the opinions, ideas and concerns of members in our community. He prepares a detailed monthly newsletter that provides a update of current activities and issues in out town. The newsletter highlights our hard working City employees, volunteers, service organizations, and those individuals who make Morro Bay such a special town.

    Valerie Levulett

  • In his first term, Red has proven himself to work tirelessly for all of us in Morro Bay—no matter if you voted for him or not!  He does his homework. He keeps an open mind about the issues. He takes wise action to move our City forward. He responds to every email or phone call he receives. And, most importantly, he takes time to celebrate all that’s good about the people and places of Morro Bay. Let’s keep Red Davis on the City Council!

    Christine Johnson

  • In his first City Council term Red Davis has provided thoughtful, sincere,& diligent service to our community. He is truly interested to hear from & learn about the perspectives of our residents and consistently works to make himself accessible through active outreach efforts in our neighborhoods. Red’s steady leadership and engaged approach is exactly what Morro Bay needs to weather the storm of multiple historic challenges. I fully endorse Red for a second term & am thankful he is willing to serve.

    Noah Smukler

  • Due to the leadership of council members like Red Davis, Morro Bay is on a much stronger path forward. Together with his honesty and community inclusiveness, our City can move forward. His leadership over the past four years has been tremendous; his drive to constantly connect with community members, both residents and businesses alike, have united our city. Red Davis has the ability to see forward, collecting the lessons of the past, and keeping our city not only on even playing field, but creating a positive future. Please join with me to keep our city moving forward into the future. Vote for Red Davis!

    Matt Makowetski

  • I've been a property owner and resident of Morro Bay for 5 years. I've never met or spoken with Mr. Davis. Having said that, approximately 1 year ago I sent a group message to our City Council. Some replied. Some did not. Of those that did reply, Mr. Davis was the most thoughtful, insightful, caring and intelligent response to my group message. Truthfully, most other members of our City Council ignored my request to enforce certain city ordinances that our community regularly violated. Mr. Davis was the only person who seemed to care and genuinely wanted to help me. He is a great public servant and will receive my support.


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