My Accomplishments on Council

Creating great accomplishments is a team effort.  That’s how I like to work – I like to get people together, put the issues out on the table, see where we have differences, figure out our common goal and work on how we get there.

That’s how our Council has worked the past four years and that’s how I’ve worked on the subcommittees and boards that I serve on.

Here are things that I am proud to have accomplished as your City Councilmember:

As a voting Councilmember
  • We began construction of a water reclamation facility that meets our needs at least cost to the City’s taxpayers.
  • We created a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce to execute the City’s Economic Development Strategic Plan.
  • We developed a Short-Term Fiscal Emergency Plan and we augmented our General Fund Emergency Reserve.
  • We established rainy-day reserve balances for all of our special funds.
  • We’ve begun a study to see how we can best manage parking downtown and on the waterfront.
  • We approved a ballot measure allowing voters to decide whether to increase the City’s sales tax one cent to continue to provide core essential services to residents.
  • We assisted in development and construction of the Maritime Museum by leasing land to the CCMMA for a nominal fee and facilitating permits.
  • We assisted Central Coast Aquarium to develop a concept design and a financial plan for an educational/research aquarium on our waterfront.
  • We designated a safe route to school on San Jacinto that allows bicyclists and pedestrians to navigate safely and legally across Main Street and Hwy 1.
  • We agreed to amend the Master Fee Schedule to lower appeal fees to make them affordable and refundable.
  • We changed Council meeting starting time to 5:30 and shortened the length to end at 9:30 unless a majority of Council votes to extend under special circumstances. 
As a collaborative partner
  • Partnering with the City Manager and the Mayor, I helped to arrange for volunteer labor force to develop a City Bocce Ball court on City-owned property.
  •   Working with Councilmember Addis and Chief Cox, we restored the School Resource Officer position with full funding provided by San Luis Unified School District.
  • I helped the Chamber of Commerce work with Cuesta College to set up a training program for entry-level hospitality jobs in Morro Bay.
  • I assisted the Chamber and the Planning Department to develop a wayfinding sign policy and procedure.
  • Councilmember McPherson and I worked with staff to develop the City’s cannabis ordinance and we wrote the ballot measure that authorized Council to levy a revenue tax on cannabis sales.
  • As a Council sub-committee member with the Mayor, we negotiated with Chevron, Cayucos Sanitary District, Trust for Public Lands, SLO County and Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo to transfer ownership of Dog Beach to the City of Morro Bay at no cost to the City.
  • In that same action, we transferred ownership of the land between Morro Bay and Cayucos to the County and facilitated the progress and eventual completion of the Morro Bay-to-Cayucos Bike and Pedestrian Connector.
  • As a member of the Morro Bay Citizens Bike Committee, I advocated for State Parks to close the parking lot south of the Rock to motorized vehicles.
  • I worked with Councilmember Addis and Congressmember Carbajal to coordinate support for our Coast Guard Station personnel and led the community effort to provide food, shelter and spending money for them during the government shutdown.
  • Councilmember McPherson and I acted as a Council sub-committee to perform research as to best practices for a Visitor Center and made recommendations to Council that were cut short by the Covid pandemic.
  • I take every constituent’s concerns seriously and I work closely with the City Manager to provide the best possible responses.
Individual initiatives
  • I initiated discussions with the Historical Society and Recreation and Parks Commission to develop and name a city park to memorialize Franklin Riley, our town’s founder.
  • When commercial fishermen balked at a slip fee increase, I sat down with Tom Hafer and Jeremiah O’Brien and negotiated a compromise that they thought was fair. 
  • I arranged the stage ceremony at the finish line for the 2019 Amgen Tour of California.
  • When Castle Winds initiated negotiations for a Community Benefits Agreement with City of Morro Bay, I made it clear that, before I would consider discussions, they needed to sign an agreement with our Commercial Fishing Organization, and they did that.
  • I asked the Planning Department to require bike racks at all new multi-residential and commercial developments or remodels.
  • I write and publish a monthly newsletter to more than 700 Morro Bay residents that explains actions taken by Council and staff as well as activities and events throughout the City.
  • I publish a newsletter for Casa de Flores residents to keep them current with City activities that they are interested in.
  • When the Morro Bay Active Adults ran into a roadblock trying to replace a non-ADA-compliant entry door, I intervened with the City Manager and got the door installed.
  • I worked with a Central Coast Aquarium Board Director to restart talks for the new aquarium on our waterfront.
  • I am working with staff and waterfront leaseholders to move trash dumpsters off the north Embarcadero parking lot.
  • I worked with our local bicycling community to bring Unmet Bike and Pedestrian Needs to the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments for a public hearing and, thence, to City Council for attention.
  • I arranged for Cal Poly engineering students to study downtown/waterfront circulation and wayfinding sign locations at no cost to the City.
  • I asked staff to make sure that water bill inserts and other City notifications are printed in both English and Spanish.
  • In response to a constituent’s suggestion, I worked with mobile home resident Linda Winters to extend the Utility Discount Program to include low income residents of mobile home parks and apartment complexes in Morro Bay.
  • In response to a public comment by resident Nancy Bast, I worked with our City Manager to upgrade the chairs in the Veterans Memorial building to provide more comfortable seating for meeting attendants.
  • Every month at Council meeting, I publicly recognize one of Morro Bay’s outstanding citizens who provides particular community benefits.
  • I initiated ongoing discussions with SLOCOG staff to retain the Hwy1/41/Main street intersection improvement in the Regional Transportation Plan in spite of funding deficiencies.
  • I initiated the City’s application to the League of American Bicyclists that resulted in designation of Morro Bay as a Bicycle Friendly Community.
  • Upon request by constituents, I initiated action with Public Works to replace a Memorial Bench that honors Marlene Marie Williams that had been removed from Cloisters Park.
  • I conduct twice-monthly Office Hours and invite everyone to come by and talk to me about any subject.
  • Since 2014 I have picked up trash at Centennial Parkway as a founding member of Morro Bay In Bloom.

Council Accomplishments Jan 2017 – Dec 2018

  1. We updated our General Plan/Local Coastal Program and our zoning ordinance.
  2. We have twice sent delegations to Wash DC during California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference (C-MANC) annual Washington Week meetings to successfully advocate for harbor dredging funds.
  3. Agreed to participate in construction of a new County animal services shelter.
  4. Negotiated a settlement with Charter for remittance of overdue Public,
  5. Educational and Governmental Access Channel fee.
  6. Negotiated a $250,00 grant from Division of Boating and Waterways to refurbish the boat launch parking lot next to Tidelands Park.
  7. Adopted a cannabis regulation ordinance and received permission from the voters to assess a tax on cannabis operations.
  8. Adopted two balanced budgets.
  9. Adopted a One Water Plan that includes a capital improvements plan that will keep our drinking water, wastewater and storm water systems up to date and functional and is fully funded for the next 20 years.
  10. Hired a full time Fire Marshall.
  11. Purchased Cerrito Peak and negotiated an agreement with Morro Bay Open Space Alliance to raise money to purchase the property from the city and dedicate it to public use.
  12. Partnered with Project Surf Camp.
  13. Established and funded Adopt Morro Bay program to beautify the city.
  14. Negotiated 3-year contracts with all three of our bargaining units that substantially reduces the cost of annual renegotiations.
  15. Hired a new City Manager and a new Finance Director.
  16. Executed a Community Benefits Agreement with Castle Winds and negotiated a $250,000 signing bonus.
  17. Required Castle Winds to negotiate and execute an agreement with Commercial Fishermen’s Organization.
  18. Reviewed & revised Council policies & procedures and Advisory Board bylaws.
  19. Approved the open space next to the Morro Cove Development be named Franklin Riley Park.
  20. Adopted the Downtown Waterfront Strategic Plan.
  21. Adopted the Economic Development Strategic Plan and executed a contract with Chamber of Commerce to implement the plan.
  22. Partnered with the Central Coast Maritime Museum Association for use of City-owned property to build a maritime museum on the waterfront.
  23. Contracted for engineering design services for the WRF lift station and offsite pipelines.
  24. Put the Market Plaza property up for sale or lease for purposes of development.
  25. Contracted to perform a comprehensive fee study and cost allocation plan.
  26. Hired a Program Manager for the WRF.
  27. Installed additional fire pits in the north Morro Bay rock parking lot.
  28. Bought a new fire engine pumper.
  29. Certified the Final EIR for the WRF.
  30. Approved a trailer boat dry storage yard program for the Triangle Lot.
  31. Issued a request for proposals for a Morro Bay Marine Services Facility and Boatyard.
  32. Adopted Fiscal Emergency/Sustainability Plans and comprehensive Financial policies
  33. Designated September 21 of each year to be a day of peace and the month of September as Peace & Nonviolence Month.
  34. Adopted water and sewer surcharges to fund the WRF.
  35. Began a process to update the Harbor Department Lease Management Policy.
  36. Applied to State Water Resources Control Board for a State Revolving Fund loan to reduce the cost of WRF financing.
  37. Applied to EPA for a low interest WIFIA loan.
  38. Contracted for groundwater flow modeling and injection testing for future indirect potable reuse in Morro Valley.
  39. Approved permanent Residential Design Guidelines.
  40. Established a community outreach process for reviewing city goals and objectives.
  41. Adopted new reserve policies for all City funds.
  42. Contracted for design and construction of the new WRF.
  43. Began the process of acquiring South Bay property for construction of the WRF.
  44. We hosted an Amgen TOC stage finish in 2017.
  45. Finance department purchased and deployed an online transparency portal, opengov, that reports all city financial transactions.
  46. We joined the Monterey Bay Community Power Authority’s Community Choice Aggregation Program and we will begin delivering carbon-free electrical power to Morro Bay residents in 2020 at a monthly rate lower than PG&E.

Council Accomplishments Jan 2019 – Aug 2020

  1. Approved WRF conveyance pipeline alignment and dual pump station option for increased efficiencies
  2. Established cannabis tax rate
  3. We have twice sent delegations to Wash DC during California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference (C-MANC) annual Washington Week meetings to successfully advocate for harbor dredging funds.
  4. Adopted two balanced budgets
  5. Approved improvements to Morro Bay Transit Center
  6. Approved position of School Resource Officer to be paid by SLCUSD
  7. Approved a Partnership Agreement with Project Surf Camp
  8. Changed regular Council meeting time to begin at 5:30 and end at 9:30 pm
  9. Approved license agreement for Cal Poly to use a portion of North T Pier for a floating research and educational dock
  10. Contracted with Chamber of Commerce to provide economic development support services
  11. We hosted an Amgen TOC stage finish in 2019
  12. Purchased new chairs for more comfortable audience participation at the Veterans Building
  13. Expanded the City’s Utility Discount Program to allow year-round enrollment and to include mobile home park tenants who do not have a separate water bill
  14. Added security features to restrict accessibility and enhance safety for City Hall employees
  15. Approved lease for Three Stacks and a Rock to move temporarily into the proposed Aquarium site
  16. Added local hire requirements to City contracts
  17. Negotiated with MBPOA to share 1% of PERS contributions from payroll
  18. Added short term vacation rentals to TBID assessment district to pay 3% toward promotion of Morro Bay as a tourist destination
  19. Updated City Council and Advisory Bodies policies
  20. Updated Cost Allocation Plan and Master Fee Schedule
  21. Provided specific direction to staff to pursue State grand funding to facilities production of affordable housing
  22. Approved Cloisters Landscape Master Plan
  23. Adopted an ordinance that prohibits sale of vaping products, establishes a Tobacco Retailer Licensing Program and enhances second-hand smoking restrictions
  24. Approved EPA financing of a portion of the WRF at an interest rate of 1.8%
  25. Signed a Memorandum of Understanding to transfer ownership of Dog Beach from Chevron Corp to the City of Morro Bay at no cost
  26. Approved a grant opportunity to place six EV charging ports on the waterfront
  27. Approved a new 83-room hotel on Atascadero Road next to the high school
  28. In response to the COVID pandemic, activated the City’s Short-Term Fiscal Emergency Plan and activated the Emergency Operations Center
  29. Deferred TOT payments and late fees and Tidelands Trust lease payments and late fees
  30. Negotiated pay reductions for staff and agreed to forego Council salary for the rest of the calendar year
  31. Designated the third Saturday of June to be Juneteenth Day
  32. Approved an open-space conservation agreement with MBOSA in return for a voluntary contribution to the City of $265,000, the cost of acquiring Eagle Rock/Cerrito Peak
  33. Adopted a revised Harbor Lease Management policy and directed staff to explore hiring a property manager to oversee the lease program
  34. Approved temporary outdoor dining and sales using city right of way and other private outdoor space to support covid-19 economic recovery
  35. Directed staff to investigate RV camping on City-owned public areas
  36. Approved additional expenditures for trash collection on weekends in popular visitor areas
  37. Amended Municipal Code to permit sale, cultivation, manufacturing and testing of cannabis for adult use
  38. Approved sidewalk vending permit requirements
  39. Adopted a Resolution declaring that racism is a public health crisis and recommending public health officials declare racism a public health emergency
  40. Approved a 35-unit Affordable Housing project that will provide homes for households that earn between $21,000 – $43,000 per year
  41. Approved a ballot measure allowing voters to decide whether to increase the City’s sales tax one cent to continue to provide core essential services to residents.

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